Welcome to England‘s Manchester Region Industrial Archaeology Society (MRIAS)

The Society aims to advance education of the public in the subject of industrial archaeology.

We are interested in:
› Developing a greater understanding of the industrial history and archaeology of the Manchester region.
› Recording, interpreting and where possible preserving the physical remains of industrial artefacts and sites in their social, cultural and historical contexts.
› Promotion and research into the industrial history & archaeology of the Manchester region of England.

Our passions are the history of industry, technology and transport. ***** 2018 programme posted 20th November 2017. Click on View All Events - lower left.

2018 Committee: Richard Pink, Neil Davies, Gordon Browne, Tony Wright, Steve Rhodes, Walter Payne and David George. Details of posts are shown in each Newsletter. Mr George was the acting Chairman for the first part of 2018, Mr Davies taking over that role until AGM 2018.

****** The Archaeology of Peterloo - (NWIAC 38)
Sat 29 September 2018, 09:30 – 16:30 BST £12-£15 (Tickets from eventbrite.co.uk) ***********

2019 marks the 200th annuiversary of the Peterloo Massacre in 1819, one of the key political events of the 19th century in Britain. This conference brings together archaeological work over the last decade on some of the key sites of associated with Peterloo in and around Manchester. It seeks to place the events of that day in their urban landscape and industrial context through the use of archaeological reserarch.
Conference Programme
9.30 Registration, tea & coffee
10.00 Introduction: Dr Michael Nevell, Chair, CBA NW
10.10 – Ian Miller: ‘Early 19th Century Textile Mills in Manchester’
10.40 – Chris Wild: ‘Life in the First Industrial City: Early 19th Century Workers’ Housing’
11.10 – Rachael Raeder: ‘Excavating New Bailey Prison’
11.40 – Sarah Cattell: ‘Digging Hulme Barracks’
12.10 – Keynote address: ‘Protest Movements and the Peterloo Massacre’ Dr Robert Poole, University of Central Lancashire
13.00 – 14.00 lunch (not provided)
14.00 - Tour of Peterloo sites in Manchester and Salford (Terry Wyke)
16.00 - Summary and Questions, tea and coffee
16.30 ends

In partnership with the Centre for Applied Archaeology, University of Salford

Sat 29 September 2018
09:30 – 16:30 BST

Cross Street Chapel, Unitarian
Cross Street
M2 1NL

No Refunds

*****AGM 2017 Minutes*****

The Manchester Region Industrial Archaeology Society AGM meeting was held on 7th December 2017 at 6:15 pm in room 301 of the business school building of Manchester Metropolitan University.

Chairman Mr. Pink opened the meeting and welcomed members. Apologies for absence were received from Miss Long, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Payne and Dr. Rooms.

The minutes of the last AGM (2nd of December 2016) were discussed and approved (proposed by Mr. Thwaite and seconded by Mr. Davies). Minute 5c - joint membership fees, where the Chairman reported the committee decision to hold membership fees for joint at £25 and £20 for single members for 2018. A discussion was held on the Society’s holding your books (minute 10c 20-16 AGM). As the Society has no means of storing and displaying books it was decided at members should make available to other members list of books they hold and which they want to dispose. Also some books may be useful to Mrs Gaskell's Library at the University. It was noted that the antiquarian society had donated all its books to Manchester Central Library but libraries have disposal policies of their own and there is no guarantee that the books would remain in the library.

Mr. Pink gave his final report as Chairman, thanking the Committee for their support and hard work and the membership for their continued interest and involvement in the Society. Mr. Davies on behalf of the Society gave warm thanks to Mr Pink for his very able three-year tenure.

Mr. Wright presented and circulated the audited accounts for the period first of September 2016 to 31 August 2017 drawing members’ attention to the decrease in membership income, the successful application for gift aid refund and thanking Mr George for his donation for the first year’s membership (on behalf of the Society) to the Local Lancashire History Federation. Mr. Davies raised the cost of postage and publications and the transfer of information by electronic means. The accounts were approved (proposed by Mr. Davies and seconded by Mr. Browne) Information from the accounts will be submitted to the Charity Commission later in the month (note - this happened on the 29th December)

Mr. Wright then read out the Membership Secretary’s report (on behalf of Mr Payne who could not be present). The Society commenced 2017 with a total membership of 89. Nine members were lost throughout the year and two members gained. The membership therefore stands at 82. The new membership year starts on the 1st January 2018.

The AGM elected Mr. David George as the new acting Chairman of the Society for 2018 and re-elected the Committee. (proposed by Mr. Watson and seconded by Mr. Higginson)

Any Other Business - Mr. George supported Mr. Davies’s appreciation of Mr. Pink’s tenure particularly highlighting the talks Richard had given over the last three years and the quizzes he had prepared for Trafford Park.

Date of Next AGM 6th December 2018.

Following formal closure of the AGM Mr. Pink delivered an interesting talk on ‘Greater Manchester Turnpike Roads’.

****2017 AGM 7th December 2016 Room 301, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, All Saints Campus, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6BH 6pm.*****
The Society’s AGM will be held on Thursday 7th December 2017
at 6.00 p.m. prompt in Room 301 of the Business School Building of Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Road Manchester M15 6BH.

1. Chairman's Welcome and apologies for absence. 

2. Minutes of the last AGM and matters arising: Joint membership fees (minute 5c). The Society’s holding of books (minute 10c).
3. Reports by the Chairman & Treasurer & Membership Secretary.
4. Nominations for & election of Committee and Officers.
5. Any Other Business and date of next AGM (2018)

The Annual General Meeting will close by 18:45 and be followed by a talk by Richard Pink on the ‘Greater Manchester Turnpike Roads’.

*******Recent publications; 'Starting the North Western Museum of Science and Industry' / 'The Mersey & Irwell Navigation' / 'Aspects of the Manchester & Salford Junction Canal'
'Thomas Hoyle & Sons Ltd' / 'Aspects of John Ashbury and the History and Industrial Archaeology of the Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron Company,
Manchester, a Short Illustrated History' / 'A Short Fully Illustrated History of Mayfield Railway Station'/Part 1 of Re-capturing the Past of Manchester Docks & Salford Quays.
The Buildings of Manchester's Railway Termini/August 2016 Publication by Tony Wright ‘Cooperative Wholesale (CWS) Factories before the First World War’ 55pp £5. Black & White A4. Fully illustrated.

FOR SALE - Limited numbers. email info@mrias.co.uk if you are interested or ask a member of the Committee!
The History of the Original Bridge over the River Irwell linking Manchester and Salford. £4.30 including first class postage and packing. 20 pages. All illustrations in colour.
The Ford Madox Brown Murals in Manchester Town Hall. £5.30p including first class postage and packing. 23 pages. All illustrations in colour.
The Siege of Manchester During the English Civil Wars. £5.30 including first class postage and packing. 18 pages including A3 fold out map. All illustrations in colour.
The Bellhouse Legacy. A Walking Tour of Central Manchester. £4.30 including first class postage and packing. 20 pages. All illustrations in mainly colour.
Aspects of the History of Holmes Chapel Railway Station. £3.80. including first class postage and packing. 22 pages. All illustrations in black and white.
A Novelist’s View of the Cotton Industry. Disraeli in Manchester and Salford. £3.80. including first class postage and packing. 13 pages. Illustrations in black and white, apart from the cover.


*********Walks & Visits 2018:

(subject to change, final details to be added to events page in due course)

Saturday 14th April. Visit to Astley Green Mining Museum.
Saturday 19th May. Visit to Oulton Park motor racing track in Little Budworth.
Saturday 16th June. Visit to the Ribble Steam Railway and guided walk around Preston Docks.
Saturday 7th July. Visit to Saltaire Village, Mill & Shipley Glen Tramway.
Friday 10th August. Visit to Ellesmere Port Boat Museum and afternoon cruise on the Daniel Adamson.

****New from December 2016 MRIAS facebook page Manchester Region Industrial Archaeology Society@oldstuff.history ***