MRIAS Research Reports and Booklets


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T Wright 2012 Mayfield Railway Station Box number 6/1
MRIAS The Atmospheric Steam Engine at Simpson’s Mill Box number 3/5/1 (2)
G Browne et al Survey of the Chatham Mill Box number 3/5/1 (2)
MRIAS Engineering aspects of Carrs Mill Box number 3/5/1 (2)
R Holden 2001 Palmer Mills Stockport Box number 3/5/1 (2)
MRIAS The Bollington Aqueduct. Box number 6/1/1
S Clark Charlton Mills Box number 3/5/1 (2)
T Wright 2013 The Manchester and Salford Junction Canal Box number 6/1
D Vale et al The Mersey Irwell Navigation Box number6/1/1
T Wright 2013. Ashbury's Railway Carriage and Iron Company Box number 6/1
A D George 2005 The Great Northern Warehouse Box number 3/5/1
G Browne et al 2006 Victoria Warehouse, Trafford Park Box number 3/5/1
S Stockley 1996 Dale Street Warehouse Waterwheel Box 3/5
S Stockley 1996 Southern and Derwent Timber Wharf Box 3/5
MRIAS 2003 Eva Brothers, Crab Tree Forge. Carborundum works. Budenberg Gauge Company Box 6/1
A D George and T Wright Manchester docks to Salford Quays ( in three parts) Box 3/12, box 6/1, 3/5/1
A D George and T Wright Buildings of Manchester's Mainline Railway Stations Box 6/1
T. Wright 2015 Barton-on -Irwell, Peel Green, Eccles Box 6/1

N.B. Other archaeological reports from GMAU and UMAU will be found in box 6/1/1 (2)

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Latest reports update (March 2016) : BOX 3/5/1 (2)

Cotton Mills in Nelson. R Holden.
Felt Hatting at Christies. J Turner 1986.
McConnel and Kennedy’s Mills. MRIAS.

Nether Alderney Mill M.Redfern. 2004
I trod a wheelgate (Mule Spinning) R Porter. 1986
Hollywell Cotton Twist Company

Rope Driving
Bucks Atlas Garment Works A D George 1995
Gazetteer of Carlisle & District Mills 2009.

Latest reports update (March 2016) : BOX 3/5/1 (2)

Manchester Region Industrial Archaeology Society Archive

The Society was founded in 1964 to record the industrial heritage of the region and to enhance its appreciation. The archive consists of record cards, archaeological reports and photographs together with collections Assembled by former members. Meetings of the North West Industrial Archaeology Panel and its annual conference, also summer schools are filed together with gazetteers of industrial sites, newsletters and conservation reports.

Minutes, correspondence and conference reports:

Box number 1/1 mrias minutes 1964 to 1979
1/2 correspondence 1964 to 1987. Financial records 1983 –
1/2/1 correspondence and minutes 1988 to 1998
1/2/1(2) correspondence in minutes 1999 to 2003
2/1 NWIA panel minutes from 1992
2/1/1 NW regional conferences and programmes two 1994
2/1/2 -4 ditto from 1995 and summer schools 1997-
2/4 J H Norris conference papers and field visits
2/4/1 J H Norris Collection of watermill booklets
2/4/2 C. Walkers historical letters

Surveys and Research:

Box number 3/1 archaeological digs and rescue operations
3/2 Brian Lamb’s Collections canal papers etc
3/3-4 mrias and others lists and guides
3/5 and 3/5/1 Dale Street and all the warehouse reports and surveys
3/5/1 (two) textile mill surveys
3/5/2 GNR warehouse correspondence and cuttings
3/6 and 3/6/2 correspondence conservation issues 1983 –
3/7 J H Norris waterpower research correspondence
3/8 J H Norris watermills, glassworks etc drawing and illustrations
3/11/1 Photos of West Cumbria sites visited by MRIAS
3/12 David Vale’s Report on Mersey Irwell Navigation, Irwell bridges (G.H.) And part
one Recapturing the Past of Salford quays

Photographs & Record Cards:

Box number 4/1 Brian Lamb's Peak Forest Canal Record Cards
4/1/1–2 CBA record cards Manchester region.
4/2/1 Manchester Central area survey photos in (150) and list of sites.
4/2/3 Irwell and Bridgewater Canal, Castlefield
4/ 3/1(2) Aircraft factories–AVRO, Fairey
4/ 3/2 engineering and timber works
4/3/3 ironworks, Peel Williams, Fairbairns
4/3/4/1 motor works and garages, Crossley etc
4/3/5 textile mills and rubber works
4/3/6 tram and bus garages
4/ 3/7/1 canals, docks and railways
4/3/8 water mills and breweries
4/3/9 presentation report Dale Street to MOSI
4/3/10 Great Northern Warehouse
4/4 Two Newcomen Engine digs 1975 to 2000
4/5 R.L. Hill’s stationary steam engine records

Box number 5 Newsletters and occasional papers

Archaeological reports

Box number 6/1 Manchester and Salford
6/1/1 Lancashire, Cheshire and Isle of Man
6/1/1/2 UMAU and GMAU reports
6/2–3 schedules and gazetteers of industrial monuments
6/4 conservation area reports.